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Who We Are

Edible leaves are interweaved with the genesis of human lives. The leafy story brings  to each customer the origin, the source, the geographical  traceability of edible leaves and beverages. Tea is the most consumed beverage after water and the two leaf and a bud, has a story to tell with each batch, bag and cup.

As it initial offering today on International Tea Day,  at 21:21 hours, on this the 21st day of the 21st week of the 21st century, the leafy story brings the story of uniqueness of Assam tea, Camellia Assamica, its distinctive flavour, aroma and infusion. The variety of the tea plant itself, to the location and manner of cultivation, plucking time and  seasonal flush, location of the leaf on the plant, and the techniques used to prepare the leaf for brewing, the brewing technique, they all add to this distinct  experience we would be privileged  to cater to you, tantalizing your palette enriching your knowledge.

The Leafy Story is a marketplace for ethically and sustainably produced plant based products.


The price you pay is the directly to the workers. No middlemen. 75% of revenue is used for worker welfare.


Every purchase is channeled to workers welfare and sustainable practices.

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