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Seasonal Special Assam CTC

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Our Origins

Filling up cups since 1888.

For generations, millions have lived lives deeply intertwined with the leaf. Alongside human stories, the beverage that after water is the most widely drunk has a story to tell with each batch, bag, cup.

A story of its distinct flavour, aroma, infusion. The variety of tea plant itself, to the location and manner of cultivation, timing and flush, location of the leaf on the plant, and the techniques used to prepare the leaf for brewing, the brewing techniques they all add to this unique experience we would like to cater to you. 🌱


Enriching your palette with an array of flavours, aroma, infusion and a whole lot more. Join us in our journey to cater garden fresh quality teas of a wide range of variety.

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Straight from the hands of the plucker to your cup.

Garden Fresh

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KNCB Poth, Boiragimoth, Dibrugarh, Assam.


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